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Living in alternate realities…

When I was growing up, my favorite activities revolved around camping and being in nature. As I started my high school career in Pasadena I even went so far as to take Vocational Agriculture as a means of starting on a career path that I hoped would lead to a career in forestry. Over the years the realities of a life lived changed the dreams, or at least pushed them back into the night where dreams live their own lives. So needless to say when a Google Alert I have running on my name returned a link to this article it was like stepping into the looking glass from long ago and I had to look over my shoulder for the white rabbit…

The forest might seem the perfect setting for someone who was once an eagle.

Gary Boyd, who talked to Athens Rotary Friday about his job as a forester for International Paper Company, “hatched” the Athens High School mascot, Elrod the Eagle, in 1980.

Boyd went on from his glory days as the Golden Eagles mascot Elrod to graduate summa cum laude from Mississippi State with a degree in forestry in 1984. He went to work for Union Camp right out of college.

“My office was the forest for 20-plus years,” Boyd said. “And until the advent of cell phones and pagers, it was great.”

Source: enewscourier, Athens, AL – Forester says the forest was his office for 20-plus years

Now thats a case of deja vu…A whole ‘nuther life that coulda been. Way to go Gary…

It looks like today will really feel like summer. At 10am the temperature is already pushing 77 degrees and the humidity is at 74%. Not a pleasant start for a Mother’s Day. The weather prognosticators are predicting a high today of about 10 degrees higher…Ouch.