Tuesday Coffee Muses

Reading my email this morning the first thing up was the Grist Digest. Scrolling down the page I saw that Tom Philpott has a new article published. It was pretty good reading, go check it out…

Buyer Be Wary
On the peculiar American habit of demonizing food By Tom Philpott

10 May 2007

I find myself in total agreement with him on this one and I take it a step further and roll the pharmaceutical industry in with the industrial food industry. I do not think we have had enough time nor done enough research to really think we “know” what we are doing in the nutritional and the drug areas of our lives. What we are doing to our bodies with the rampant use of antibiotics and hormones in our food supply is probably what is causing a majority of our health problems. Then you have the medical experts telling you to cut fat and eat refined carbs for your heart…like they really “know” what they are talking about. Oh, and while we are at it take these pills the big pharma researchers say will increase their profits…Anyway, go check out Tom’s article, he’s a neighbor I haven’t yet met when we visit the NC mountains in Valle Crucis.

Source: On the peculiar American habit of demonizing food | By Tom Philpott | Grist | Victual Reality | 10 May 2007

Hey, will the last Bush appointee to leave the In-Justice Department (this will probably be you, Alberto) please turn out the lights. We won’t be needing them anymore since nobody will be believing anything that comes out of there for quite a while…

Time to run…later