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Spring again this Saturday morning

It’s Saturday morning and the house is quiet. Not a soul is stirring right now, not even the kitten sleeping in on my left forearm. You try typing with just one hand sometime, boy does it slow down even an untutored typist like me. I am enjoying the fact that spring has decided to pay another short visit, the kitchen doors are wide open and the temperature outside is still in the mid 60’s at 8am…Heaven for this time of year.

About the kitten, we are living with 5 right now. They are already 5 weeks old and becoming quite a group of characters. Our half feral half domestic momma cat provided this collection to us and has been a very attentive mother so far. It appears we have an abundance of good homes already lined up for these little souls. Then momma dearest is scheduled for a visit to the vet. I would have posted pictures but these guys are too active to catch a good shot of unless they are sleeping and they tend to do that under something (except for the one that thinks he has to sleep on me). He particularly likes to climb up on my chest when I’m comfy on the couch with a movie in the dvd player.

The morning symphony has played itself out already. And it looks like the world is stirring…So it’s off and about for me.

You all have a great weekend…