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Sunday Morning on My Google Reader

I slept late this morning and once the coffee was done I started with my Google Reader feeds for a change. Some of what led me on to the full story are…

The Rural Life

The Scent of Lilacs


Published: May 20, 2007

I am writing from a mile high in a small Wyoming town on the edge of the Wind River range. The snow on the nearby buttes — the gift of late April — has finally melted, and the creek bottoms and pastures and hayground are an unhoped-for green. The drift of cotton from the cottonwoods is almost over, but the lilacs are still in high bloom. The town is nearly damp with their scent.

Source: The Scent of Lilacs – New York Times

I come late to my appreciation of Verlyn Klikenborg. Now that I have discovered “Rural Life” I chase his writing to wherever I can find it.

Coming clean about mess of peas


Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

On the way home from Winedale the other morning I stopped at a vegetable stand in Hempstead and bought a mess of purple hull peas.

These were peas still in the hull, so they had to be shelled. Took me about an hour to shell this particular mess. Purple hulls have the reputation of being easy to shell, and they do sit loose in the pod and come out easily once you get the ends snapped off.

Source: Hale: Coming clean about mess of peas | – Houston Chronicle

Go see Leon’s recipe for cooking up that mess of peas. He’ll also explain how you can turn that mess of peas into a three course meal…

I guess I’ve killed enough time this morning, so I better start moving (though I did manage to fix breakfast and eat with Sherry already). If you have a moment swing over to Fragments From Floyd and check out Fred’s post today. He is pushing us all to be who we like to think we are…Go see what I mean.

So far the doors are open and the kittens are all over the floor…I expect to be shutting the house within the hour as the heat heads above 80 for another Texas spring day…You all enjoy.