Tuesday Coffee Muses

Looks like the same old game for the Bush administration. Give a big speech taking the oppositions side away from them, do some back office finagling to ensure what you just promised doesn’t happen, and then just assume no one will notice.

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration is drastically scaling back efforts to measure global warming from space, just as the president tries to convince the world the U.S. is ready to take the lead in reducing greenhouse gases.

Not only are they scaling back the numbers of satellites but they are pulling out the instrument packages that would have been used to study long range climate data. That’ll pretty much put an end to the inconvenience of having your own data used against you in the court of public opinion…or not.

Source: U.S. slashes global warming monitoring | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle

Tomorrows weather will be brought to you courtesy of the EU and our good buddies in the Bureau of French Climate Studies…Have a great day George, and all the rest of you also.

2 Replies to “Tuesday Coffee Muses”

  1. It’s a scary business indeed. We’ve been having a drought here in the Smokies…all my tomato transplants died…the old timers say it’s the driest it’s been in forty years. Which is most strange considering this is essentially a rain forest.

    Glad to have found you. I lived in Dallas for three years and am now living my mountain dream…almost NC…but still TN.

  2. Hi Rosie. I am glad you found me.

    I know what you mean about the drought, when we first moved out here in the sticks from Pasadena I made a large garden for the first few years. Then the heat and the drought started killing of the plants before harvest. After a few years I finally quit trying to make a garden.

    I look forward to the time I can wake up every morning and breath that cool(er) mountain air with my morning coffee.

    Thanks for stopping by…

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