North Carolina Dreams

Back to the grind after a virtual vacation…

Had things gone as planned, today would be my first day back at the office after our North Carolina Mountain fix for the year. Things didn’t and I’m not (back at the office that is). Even though I’ve missed this summers trip, and I’ve seen more of Doctors and Nurses than I really wanted (even though I’m married to one…Nurse that is), the overall experience hasn’t been terrible. I’ve met some new people both in person and virtually through this site.

And I still hold out hope to get to the mountains at some point this year. Like I told the wife, we’ve never been to the mountains in the fall or the winter. Living where we do we have never really experienced either of those seasons. I hope we can manage though to make a fall trip this year…I’d just love to see the mountains change from blue to orange and red.

In the meantime, here is a shot from our first NC Mountain Vacation in August of 2003…

Waterfall Park

A lovely waterfall is the centerpiece of this park just outside Newland on Hwy. 194. The park features a hiking trail and picnic area.