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A Drive Up Rich Mountain

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North Carolina Dreams

Sunday in the Mountains

North Carolina Dreams

Planning our Saturday…Virtually on vacation.

Part 4…

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From the looks of the weather report at Ray’s we would probably be spending most of the day lazing around the cabin today enjoying the high temperatures that don’t even hit the lows we are used to…These low 50’s in the mornings are what makes coffee on the deck as the fog lifts out of the valleys such a great way to start the day.

The best news is Ray is predicting the weather this weekend will be gorgeous after a damp Friday. That’s great ’cause tomorrow is the Watauga County Farmer’s Market…This just in from their weekly newsletter (yes we have internet in the mountain cabin…just dial-up though):

Those of you who have been waiting for fresh corn on the cob will be happy to know that Reba Greene will be harvesting her Kandy Korn for the very next market. Reba hopes to have plenty for everyone, but it might be a good idea to come a little bit early to avoid disappointment.

Charles Church will have plenty of his trademark broccoli crop, and will also have plenty of kohlrabi, zucchini, chard, onions and garlic. Bill Moretz will be bringing lots of great smelling fresh cut basil to compliment his variety of vegetables. He will be harvesting two kinds of eggplants: Megal, a neon purple, and Charming which is a darker purple. Bill will also have Gold Rush zucchini, Sun Ray squash, and lots of lettuce including Romaine, Butterhead, and Red Fire which is a red leaf lettuce. Jerry Harvey will round off the bounty with ripe watermelons picked from the family farm.
Mary Prewett is new to the farmers’ market this year, and she has become quite popular with her hand painted and carved gourds with basket woven tops and lids, hand painted driftwood, and hand painted signs featuring bits of country wisdom. Stop by and say hello!

Mostly our time is spent killing time without killing each other…We have a few eating places we seem to end up returning to each year…like pizza on top of Beech, steak and burgers in Boone, barbecue in Linnville. I like to get out early while the family sleeps and take pictures of the mountains to act as a reminder of what I miss when I am not up there…

I am not sure how much further I can take this vv (virtual vacation) without depressing myself. Check back and see if I manage another post or two before we would be returning home…