America’s Roadside Bloomery

It’s been a while since Fred First came up with this idea…contest? So I thought I’d throw out another mention just to see if I could push it about a bit…

It would be neat for contributors from all over the country to offer their images to an aggregate gallery called Unplanted Gardens: America’s Roadside Bloomery, I thought. And here it is!

All images should include in their composition a road of some kind, just to place it, and then the wildflowers that grow there unplanted. Highway department wildflower beds don’t count.

Each image should be 72 dpi, max size of 800 pixels on the largest side. Information should minimally include the location, if possible some ID on the flowers, and any other pertinent or interesting information. Please give your image files descriptive names, e.g., BlackEyesSusan.jpg. or Virginia_Backroads.jpg

Go check out the rest of the requirements and check out the submissions at America’s Roadside Bloomery – powered by SmugMug. When you send in a shot, tell him Gary sent ya…

Here’s the shot of mine he chose to highlight…

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