Fall is in the air for the North Carolina Mountains around Valle Crucis

Ray is promising a fall weekend for the northwestern corner of North Carolina. Forecasted low for tonight is 40 degrees. Fire up the wood stove, throw some logs in the fireplace, it’s time for some chili simmering on the stove.

After the refreshment of Humberto’s leftover rains, now its time to enjoy the good side of a departing remnant tropical system. Improving skies today will bring abundant sunshine and a feel of fall throughout the High Country this entire weekend. We hope this leads to high points on the Mountaineer side in today’s game against a tough Northern Arizona squad. Brisk breezes will usher this airmass into the region, setting the stage for a cold overnight with some of the mountain valleys flirting with a slight frost potential in a few sheltered spots by Sunday morning. An overnight breeze should prohibit that in most locations but the need for knits (as in sweaters or your grandma’s comfy afghan she lovingly passed down) will be in full order. ENJOY!

I’ll second that sentiment sitting as I do at sea level on the Gulf Coast of Texas where the low tonight will barely make the low 70’s…Enjoy the fall weather North Carolina.

Source: Ray’s Weather Center – Valle Crucis – booneweather.com