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Happy New Year

Ever since I rolled my daily posting over to Coffee Muses I have felt like I was neglecting this site. Believe me it’s not because the dream isn’t still prominent in my mind. As a matter of fact, I am hoping to make the dream of living in the mountains a reality in just a few short years.

We haven’t really settled on a location…We are still up in the air even over whether it will be North Carolina or Virginia. It will be somewhere within spitting distance of the Blue Ridge (it may well require a very strong wind at my back).

The mountains call me home…

Blue Ridge Country Magazine has a feature this month titled “Where Do You Want To Be”. In a piece On “Roan Mountain; The Trip That Changed My Life” Elizabeth Hunter talks of her first visit to Roan Mountain 40 years ago. She says…

My heart’s anchor lept overboard, dropped, bumped along the bottom and caught. I’d stumbled on a place I would never say goodbye to. I knew it then; I know it now.

Roan speaks to me the same way. The above photo was taken at the end of the road along Roaring Creek on the North Carolina side of Roan. Every trip to the mountains also includes a stop somewhere on Roan or within sight of the mountain.

Until next trip…