Welcome to our new place…

After a couple of years of hanging out at Blogger with this blog, I’ve decided it’s time to move into roomier digs. It wasn’t that the folks at blogger weren’t treating me right. They have been nothing but hospitable since I first signed on to their service.

But the paint on the walls was getting old. I had spun off Coffee Muses to a self hosted WordPress blog and was happy with the freedom to paint the walls at will, put in a new picture window if I wanted, even raise the roof on occasion to let in some fresh air. I wanted the same freedom with this blog.

Granted, this site has been neglected somewhat in the year or so since I rolled my daily muses out of these pages. Believe me, it wasn’t intentional. I just felt then, and I continue to feel, that a blog with the name this one has shouldn’t spend so much time talking about living on the Texas Gulf Coast…

So anyhow, I am in this process of slapping a coat of paint on these new walls, hanging a few pictures, putting up a handbill or two to try and pay for the hosting account at least. I’ll be adding some relevant link pages, searching out news and sites that have a North Carolina Mountain message.

Consider the welcome mat out at our new home. Come around and check on the progress. If the light switch doesn’t work, or the door knob falls off, send me a note…I’ll try and figure out what I screwed up. You can reach me here in  the comments or send me an email at gwboyd at gmail.com…I’ll keep the light on out on the porch in case it’s late when ya stop by…

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