Just call me slow…

I have been using Gmail as my online email since I managed to wrangle an invitation from my youngest son. I have used Google Reader as my feed reader for quite a while now too. Who knew they both shared a lot of the same keyboard shortcuts…Duh!

If you aren’t using some of the basics, go here and check’em out…Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

HDR photography software

New Photo Software

Marie Freeman over at Blue Ridge Blog mentioned she was experimenting with HDR photography. The link on her page led me to the demo download of Photomatix Pro. I have been playing with the demo and I am really impressed. Here are some samples I have been playing with and the originals from the camera…

And this:

As you can see, the changes are dramatic…and I like the look. As I told Marie I think I need to get my letter to Santa, I really need this program.

North Carolina Dreams software

Google Earth

This is the view of North Carolina that I am dreaming over…Looking north over Boone into Virginia with Mt. Rogers on the horizon.

I can waste more time playing with Google Earth…They shouldn’t put programs like this in the hands of a mapaholic. The only problem I have is, why, with the latest photo update is this part of NC (and only this part) covered with clouds? Have I been using up too much bandwidth guys? I appreciate the higher resolution in the sat photo’s, but higher resolution of clouds is still clouds…

Oh well, If you don’t have Google Earth, get it…it will even work (slowly) on dial up.