Thoughts for a Saturday Morning.

One of the emails I get each day comes from the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation. Today’s “Thought for the Day” really connected with one of my core beliefs so I pass it on…

You are what you believe.
– Anton Chekhov

You are what the deep faith of your heart is. If you believe that money is going to make you happy, then you will go after money. If you believe that pleasure will make you happy, you will go after pleasure. Because, “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” not as he thinketh in his head. There is a vast distance from the head to the heart. In the Greek and Russian Orthodox traditions, they say that whatever spiritual knowledge you have in your head must be brought down into your heart. This takes many, many years.

Source: Thought for the Day – Eknath Easwaran

Looks like I have shot half the day and haven’t done a thing…Time to move. Y’all have a great day.

Holiday Greetings spiritual

An Easter Meditation

Happiness is something we all hope for. May your Easter celebration bring you Peace and Happiness…

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

It is only immature people who believe, “I am separate; therefore, I can manipulate you, even exploit you, to ensure my own happiness.”

To think that we can pursue joy as a collector pursues butterflies, seeking it here and there, is folly. We can never go after joy because joy has got to come after us.

It’s like the horizon. When you look from the Berkeley hills, the horizon looks as if it is just beyond the Golden Gate. You honestly believe that if you go there, you will reach the horizon. But as you pursue it, it recedes farther and farther, and that is the nature of pleasure. It peeps out from the store, the restaurant, the bank, but when you enter there you will find it recedes farther and farther.

When we begin to seek a higher goal – for the welfare of our family and community – joy slowly tiptoes after us. We don’t have to say to joy, “Excuse me, will you please come to my house?”

Joy will come and put her suitcase down and say, “I am going to be here, whether you like it or not.”

That is how happiness comes.

Source: Blue Mountain Center – Thought for the Day


Thought for the Day

 For a long time now I have been on the mailing list for the Blue Mountain Center “Thought for the Day”. Each and every morning the email is in my inbox. Each and every morning I open the message and read the passage. Some mornings I sit and ,dare I say, meditate on the thoughts expressed in the quote and the passage from Eknath Easwaran, some mornings I don’t…This morning both the quote and the passage nailed me so I thought I would pass them on.

Thought for the Day

January 20
You learn to speak by speaking, to study by studying, to run by running, to work by working; in just the same way, you learn to love by loving.
  – Saint Francis de Sales

In learning to love, we start where we are – somewhat selfish, somewhat self-centered, but with a deep desire to relate lovingly to each other, to move closer and closer together. Love grows by practice; there is no other way. There will be setbacks as well as progress. But there is one immediate consolation: we don’t have to wait until our love is perfect to reap the benefits of it. Even with a little progress, everyone benefits – not only those we live with, but ourselves as well.

While I am a failed meditator, I continue to try in fits and spurts to find that place that will call from within me the need to sit…

Source: Thought for the Day