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Autumn – Sunset


For the first time this year I could stand out and watch the sun set without wiping my brow or my lens…I love it. Too bad it wont last. The rain blew through this morning but the clouds are still hanging on. It is clearing to the west or the photo above wouldn’t have happened. The weather folks are predicting a low in the 60’s (I know it’ll be 69 but let a guy dream will ya…). I think it may be time to follow John Scalzi’s lead and cut back on the political blogs…They are eating up way to much time and they just piss me off.

It’s good to see Marie Freeman posting again. I need a semi regular visual fix from Valle Crucis, NC, the semi annual vacations are never long enough.

I am really enjoying my new Nikon D80. So far I haven’t found anything to complain about…Catch ya down the road.

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Ann Richards

A great lady who preceded the mess we had with Gov. G W Bush died last week. Molly Ivins remembers a thing or two in her latest column. Go have a read… – Creators Syndicate: “At a long-ago political do at Scholz Garten in Austin, everybody who was anybody was there meetin’ and greetin’ at a furious pace. A group of us got the tired feet and went to lean our butts against a table at the back wall of the bar. Perched like birds in a row were Bob Bullock, then state comptroller, moi, Charles Miles, the head of Bullock’s personnel department, and Ms. Ann Richards. Bullock, 20 years in Texas politics, knew every sorry, no good sumbitch in the entire state. Some old racist judge from East Texas came up to him, ‘Bob, my boy, how are you?’

Bullock said, ‘Judge, I’d like you to meet my friends: This is Molly Ivins with the Texas Observer.’

The judge peered up at me and said, ‘How yew, little lady?’

Bullock, ‘And this is Charles Miles, the head of my personnel department.’ Miles, who is black, stuck out his hand, and the judge got an expression on his face as though he had just stepped into a fresh cowpie. He reached out and touched Charlie’s palm with one finger, while turning eagerly to the pretty, blonde, blue-eyed Ann Richards. ‘And who is this lovely lady?’

Ann beamed and replied, ‘I am Mrs. Miles.’ “

Ann Richards was the best Governor the state of Texas has had in my limited memory. Sadly, we will never know how well she governed because the Bush Team has spent the past decade undoing her work. Rest In Peace Madam Governor…