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Saturday Morning Web Wandering

I slept in a bit today and I have to go in to work this afternoon to take care of a project we ship tomorrow, but this morning after reading my email I went link wandering. Here are some of the things I found I feel I should pass along…

Somehow I didn’t keep up with the schedule for the return of Bill Moyers to PBS so I missed his documentary on “The Buying of the War”. Somehow the regular schedule for his new show on Friday had permeated what I call my brain, and the fact that the special would be on Wednesday didn’t…Oh well, I’m sure it will be replayed at some point.

In my wandering this morning I did stumble on a site that is new to me, COA News. This led to a link to an Amy Goodman interview with Bill Moyers on Democracy Now this week, which led me to this quote…

Bill Moyers – “I would like to be nice about it. I would like to be diplomatic about it. But the fact of the matter is there’s a cancer eating at the heart of democracy, and it’s money in politics. If free speech means you have to buy it, then only those who can afford it have free speech. And that’s contemptible.”

If you have the time the video is very good.

Source: Independent News Portal COAnews: : How the U.S. News Media Helped the Bush Admin Sell the Case for War

The link that led me to CAO News was an article about Local Foods by Brita Belli of The Environmental Magazine.

Local is the New Organic

It used to be that organic was enough. That organic label told consumers their food was safer, fresher and more likely to have come from a small, reliable farm than a mega-farm-factory. Then, last year, Wal-Mart started selling organic products. Suddenly, organic didn’t seem so special.

Last fall, an outbreak of E. coli bacteria in California- grown organic spinach that left three dead and hundreds sick shone the national spotlight on the question of where food comes from. Most produce people eat, organic or not, travels thousands of miles to reach the shelves of their local supermarket. The journey exacts a huge toll on the environment as refrigerated tractor-trailers packed with green tomatoes and bananas crisscross the country, burning diesel and spewing pollution and greenhouse gas. And the potential for unsanitary handling and nutrient depletion exists at every stop along the way.

I have been linking to posts like this for some time. It appears that the local food “movement” is on the verge of reaching viral status around the country and the world. If we have many more food disaster’s like the ones from the last year where we are beginning to understand that the people we once thought were protecting the safety of our food aren’t, for whatever reason, we will have to protect ourselves. You can’t do that if the food you are buying come from across the country or around the world.

Source: Independent News Portal COAnews: : Local is the New Organic

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Viewfinder BLUES: Dreading the Trip

Viewfinder BLUES: Dreading the Trip

This is, after all, America in the year 2007. We even grieve in Hi-Def.

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Monday Evening Wine Muses

It looks like I am running a bit behind today…

The sad thing is, I had nothing started I can even half finish to throw out with the wash water.

I haven’t had time to run my blogroll and see what’s happening out there as I have been playing grandpa a bunch this last weekend. When I came in from work the little bit was in Grandma’s arms. After I changed and checked on the new kittens on the back porch I grabbed the grandson and bonded some more. The little toot is now in the living room with the grandma type person having his supper bottle.

Looks like the winter weather is coming to an end. It’ll be back up to 80 again tomorrow.

Looks like a number of folks in my daily reading list have been tagged with the “Thinking Blog Award” this past week. Congrats to all…I knew I read all you folks for a reason. And following the links on in your own awards has led to some interesting reading…

The wine glass calls so I’ll catch y’all on the other side of the dark…