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Ashe County is a county located in the U.S. state of North Carolina. As of 2000, the population was 24,384. Its county seat is Jefferson[1].

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The earliest Europeans to explore Ashe County were Bishop Augustus Gottlieb Spangenberg – head of the Moravian Church in America – and his associates, Timothy Horsefield, Joseph Mueller, Henry Antes, Johan Merck, and Herman Loesch. Bishop Spangenberg wrote about his journey in Ashe in a diary that has been preserved by the Moravian church. He was given 100,000 acres (400 km²) in Virginia as a place for his fellow Moravians to settle. The only one of Spangenberg’s group to return and permanently settle in Ashe County was Herman Loesch. Other early settlers were David Helton, William Walling, William McLain and Daniel Boone, the famous pioneer. With the exception of Boone, these men and their families all settled in Ashe in 1771.

During the Revolutionary War one skirmish was fought in Ashe County. It is called the “Battle of the Big Glades”. The battle was fought in July 1780 between a force of Americans, led by Captain Robert Love, and a force of 150 British Loyalists on their way to Charlotte to join Lord Cornwallis, the British commander in the Southern colonies. The Americans won the skirmish.

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The act to establish the county of Ashe is one of the shortest on record. It was passed in 1799 (Laws of N. C., p. 98) and provides that “all that, part of the county of Wilkes lying west of the extreme height of the Appalachian mountains shall be, and the same is hereby erected into a separate and distinct county by the name of Ashe,” followed later by an act to establish permanently the dividing line between Ashe and Buncombe counties, the same to begin at “the Yadkin spring, and thence along the extreme height of the Blue ridge to the head spring of Flat Top fork of Elk creek, thence down the meanders of said creek to the Tennessee line.”

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Populated Places

  • Jefferson
  • The Town of Jefferson, the county seat of Ashe County, established in 1800 and chartered in 1803, is one of the oldest towns in Western North Carolina. Jefferson is home to the newly renovated 1904 Courthouse which was replaced with a modern facility in 2001. The vacated 1904 courthouse is being renovated to provide space for a visitors center, a museum and other appropriate entities to reveal the culture and history of Jefferson and Ashe County in earlier times. Also enjoy Foster-Tyson park and many local restaurants.
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  • Lansing
  • The Lansing municipality of Ashe County, located in the mountainous northeastern section of the county, is rich with memories and history. The first post office for the unincorporated community of Lansing was established in 1882. It served a primarily rural community made up of a village and outlying farms until the railroad came in 1914. The arrival of the Norfolk and Western Railroad triggered a boom in the area, which culminated in the town’s being chartered and incorporated in 1928. An iron mine operated for a few years, shipping ore from Lansing. When Lansing was just beginning to grow into a prosperous town, a fire almost destroyed it. It began early on a morning in the 1930’s. A community bucket brigade was able to save a little. After a second major fire in the 1940’s, the community started a fire department. Today there are many interesting things to do in Lansing, including the Greater Lansing Area Festival, held each September.
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  • West Jefferson
  • West Jefferson’s downtown area features more than a dozen galleries, craft shop, and restaurants. The town hosts several murals that create a “walking tour.” The murals are the works of local artists and others in North Carolina that depicts the area’s history and unique character. Christmas In July, celebrating its 20th anniversary 2006, is our annual Independence Day weekend celebration. The downtown West Jefferson festival has its roots in the local Christmas tree industry. Thousands of local residents and visitors enjoy premiere entertainment, downtown shops, arts and crafts vendors and foods of all kinds.
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  • Creston
  • Creston is an unincorporated community in Ashe County, North Carolina, southwest of Grayson. It lies at an elevation of 2,861 feet (872 m).
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  • Crumpler
  • Crumpler is an unincorporated community on North Carolina Highway 16 in Ashe County, North Carolina, United States. It lies east of Warrensville, northeast of Jefferson, and north of Chestnut Hill, at an elevation of 2559 feet (780 m).
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  • Fleetwood
  • Glendale Springs
  • Nestled between the South Fork of the New River and the Blue Ridge Parkway can be found the quaint community of Glendale Springs. It is more than a highlight of visitor trips to Ashe County; it is a place of tranquil enchantment to those who remain behind.Lending a religious aura to the community is the artistic treasure: Ben Long’s “The Last Supper” fresco. This life-sized depiction of an event central to the Christian experience is permanently enshrined in The Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. Glendale Springs…visit, shop, canoe the New River, dine in luxurious surroundings…breath in the fresh mountain air and be re-newed for a lifetime.
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  • Grassy Creek
  • Grassy Creek is an unincorporated community in the Grassy Creek Township of Ashe County, North Carolina near the border with the state of Virginia.
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  • Laurel Springs
  • Todd
  • Mountain music and historic stores is an important part of Todd’s heritage and culture. Todd features the Todd Island Park and the Walter and Annie Cook Memorial Park with a third, Green Valley Park, in the process. Shop at the Todd General store & other area shops, ride a bike along Railroad Grade Road, listen to the music or visit one of Todd’s festivals, including the New River Festival held in October .
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  • Warrensville
  • Warrensville, formerly Buffalo Creek, is an unincorporated community at the intersection of North Carolina Highways 88 and 194 in Ashe County, North Carolina, United States, east of Comet. It lies at an elevation of 2,707 feet (825 m).
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