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The Conservation Trust for North Carolina purchased a 538-acre property on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Spruce Pine, which will keep a segment of the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail open to the public.

The Rose Creek property in Mitchell County has more than a mile of frontage on the Blue Ridge Parkway and is visible from The Loops Overlook. It contains about 1.5 miles of the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail, which traces the route taken by colonial militia to the pivotal battle of Kings Mountain during the American Revolution, according to a news release from the Conservation Trust.

This segment of trail, which has not been accessible to the public, will now be open to hikers.

(Raleigh) News & Observer

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North Carolina Visitor Attraction of the Year

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The Blue Ridge Parkway was tapped the North Carolina Visitor Attraction of the Year for exemplifying excellence, innovation and setting the standard for an exceptional visitor experience. Having just commenced its 75th Anniversary Celebration, the Parkway is considered one of the great public accomplishments of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. The 469-mile parkway, which winds through the high mountains of the southern Appalachians and joins Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains national parks, has since after World War II been the most visited site in the National Park System. It was built over a 52-year period from the turning of the first shovelful of dirt in September of 1935 until its completion in 1987.

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Reynolds Plantation developer acquires N.C. golf community – The Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area:

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Greensboro, Ga.-based Reynolds Signature Communities, a subsidiary of Linger Longer Communities LLC, said in a news release late Tuesday it has acquired Laurelmor, a 6,200-acre master-planned golf and equestrian community west of Blowing Rock, N.C. A purchase price was not released.

According to published reports, Ginn Development Co., the former owners of Laurelmor, nearly lost the community to foreclosure earlier this year when it failed to make principal and interest payments on a $675 million credit facility on the development and other properties.

The sale is part of an agreement with Ginn Development’s lenders, including Credit Suisse, according to a report in the Winston Salem Journal.

Reynolds Plantation developer acquires N.C. golf community – The Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area:.

"Too Pretty to Develop" – FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway

The Conservation Trust for North Carolina (CTNC) has purchased the 101-acre Jackson Knob Cove tract in McDowell County, on the Blue Ridge escarpment in the Catawba River Basin. The property, near milepost 326, is visible from Altapass Orchard and several overlooks along the Parkway north of Little Switzerland.

The property was owned by Augusta Developers, LLC, represented by Johnny Craver of Mooresville and Fred Suther of Concord. They planned to subdivide it into 21 house lots. Instead, over time, Craver grew to love the beauty of the landscape and the scenery around it.

“It’s just magnificent. It’s so pretty that it’s impossible not to have a good view anywhere you go on it,” Craver said. “It’s probably the only property I’ve ever seen in my life that was too pretty to develop.”

“Too Pretty to Develop” – FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

One of my favorite areas of the Blue Ridge Parkway will saty just as beautiful tomorrow as it was on my last visit.

Blue Ridge blog: Parkway Day

Marie is turning me green with envy.

After a brief rainstorm last night it suddenly became freakin’ gorgeous up here in the mountain and shows no signs of letting up. I’m wearing my trusty ASU hoodie but will probably shed that in just a few. If you want ideal summer mountain weather, come up here now. Highs in mid-70’s. Lows in the low-50’s. Me? With low humidity comes stellar blue skies and long-range views. It is a Parkway Day for me, Baby!

Blue Ridge blog: Parkway Day.

Go check out the shots that go with the above at her site…And think about me in Texas where my day starts in the upper 70s and just goes up…and up…Beautiful shots Marie.

Saturday in Boone

Watauga County Farmers’ Market | Please Support Local Farmers

Watauga County Farmers’ Market would like to thank everyone who visited the Wednesday market on opening day. We will continue to have a selection of local produce, plants and hand crafts on Wednesday mornings until the middle of September.

Don and Roger Owens use their greenhouses and season extenders to provide ripe produce as early as possible. They will be harvesting all of summer’s goodness through the next few weeks. Other growers expect to be harvesting the first of the tomatoes to begin to ripen in the next couple of weeks.

Charles Church will be harvesting broccoli for the market this Saturday. He should also have plenty of onions, and cabbage very soon.

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Mountain Dreaming

I was cruising around the backyard yesterday after work, mowing with the Deere and thinking about how unlike a normal early June evening it felt. The temperature was hovering around the 90 degree mark and the heat index was even higher, so naturally my mind wandered up on the mountains…Daydream style as I went round and round.

I see that Ray is calling for a warm summer day in Valle Crucis. The seventies seem a little warm for this early, but I really don’t have a lot of mountain weather experience to go on. Seems nice and cool to me for the heat of the day…I keep telling my wife that no matter what happens with global warming/climate change, it’s gotta be more comfortable up on the Blue Ridge. Besides, when it’s too hot to do anything but sit in a rocker on the porch, at least you have a view of something outside the yard around the house…

I can remember summers on the porch at my grandparent’s ranch house in south Texas…Way down toward the Rio Grande, sitting high and dry between the Frio and the Nueces River in McMullen County. It was hot and dry but with a breeze most of the day off the Gulf of Mexico over a hundred miles away. Staring off into the distance…Watching the clouds winging north. The buzzards coasting along looking for dinner. An occasional roadrunner sitting in the mesquite across the drive with a collared lizard hanging from it’s beak…Watching and waiting for the afternoon heat to break while my grandfather enjoyed his daily siesta. It wasn’t a habit a teenage boy could acquire, napping after lunch.

That’s the way the weather here is feeling these days…Hot and dry…The grass I was mowing was almost like straw already this year. We don’t normally see weather like this for a couple of more months. All of the rains in the last few months have passed by to the north. Even the rains that get close falter before they fall on this dry ground we call home…Dry, dusty dry.

Today is the second anniversary of my Photoblog. Two years ago today I started posting photos with a shot I am still proud of taken at the Brinegar Cabin on the blue Ridge Parkway…I’ll bet the water from the spring is still cool at this time of the year…

Charlotte Observer | 04/30/2008 | New, green gem by Blue Ridge Parkway

Charlotte Observer | 04/30/2008 | New, green gem by Blue Ridge Parkway


New, green gem by Blue Ridge Parkway


Blue Ridge Parkway Destination Center


Blue Ridge Parkway Destination Center.


Drive the Blue Ridge Parkway and you see them from the road, the cabins, barns and sheds distinctive to southern Appalachian Mountains.

Drawing on such local features — sheltering overhangs, peaked roofs, wooden trusses — architects charged with designing a new visitors center for the parkway came up with a large, open structure that seems at home in the mountains.

Charlotte Observer | 04/30/2008 | New, green gem by Blue Ridge Parkway