Ron Rash receives writing honors

I have been a fan of Ron Rash ever since I read his poem “The Exchange” a few years back…I have a few of his books and read everything of his I come across. So far  I haven’t been disappointed. So I was oleased to see this in my email notices…

Ron Rash, the Parris […]

Lazy Weekend Thoughts

Blue Ridge Country Magazine

One of the things I look forward to in the snail mail realm is “Blue Ridge Country Magazine“. I discovered the magazine about the same time I discovered the real thing and I have had a subscription almost since the very first issue I read. Since I started reading this mag […]

Wants and Desires…

I empathize with the sentiment if not the actual want…

Costal Farmlet“A man wants nothing so badly as a gooseberry farm.” —ChekhovI want a costal farmlet.I desire it very much.I saw it advertisedin the classifieds and I presumethat coastal means our landcomes right downto the sea with the whitecapslashing romantically, and farmletmeans we can growgnarled […]

Spring – The first full day.

“In pursuit of happiness, the difficulty lies in knowing when you have caught up.”R.H. Grenville

I feel the need for a change of pace on this Wednesday morning.

For many years I tried to develop a habit of journaling and could never carry it through for more than a week or three. I tried morning […]